Find various items that we are currently selling. If you are interested, please email Cameron Papandria at


I-Beams: $200/each OBO, 4 available; used in 4 performances, 10ft tall and 2.5 feet wide on each side; made out of plywood, but balanced well to transport easily

Subway Vinyl: $400/each pair or all 8 (4 pairs) for $1500; used in 6 performances, in great condition; Each vinyl is 14ftx7ft, with each full photo being 2 vinyl in length (28ft total in length)

Dice Props: $300 for all 6; used for indoor percussion; has harness connectors


“Game Night” Tarp: $1000 OBO: Used for 1 indoor percussion season

“Grand Prix” Racing Tarp: $1000 OBO: Used for 1 indoor percussion season


“Now Boarding!” Uniforms: $100/each (24 available) – Discount available if buying multiple (sizes upon request)

Scheherazade Uniforms: $100/each + shipping or $1500 for all 16 uniforms (shipping included); professionally made by AWCT; 15 female one piece, 1 male two piece, middle eastern-inspired uniforms. Includes uniform, arm pieces, neck pieces, and head pieces. (sizes upon request)

Maroon Uniforms: $700 for all 14 uniforms OBO (sizes upon request)

Teal/Pink Uniforms: $50/each or $800 for all 17 uniforms (sizes upon request)

Maroon/Pink/Silver Uniforms: $65/each or $825+shipping for all 13 uniforms; 12 female and 1 male (top only) uniforms professionally made by AWCT (sizes upon request)

Blue/Gray Uniforms: $80/each or $2,000 for all 26 uniforms; 24 female unitards, 2 male shirts/pants (3 pants) for sale. Also includes matching headbands. Professionally made by AWCT (sizes upon request)

“Now You See Me” Uniforms: $25/each or $600 for all 26 uniforms (sizes upon request)

“Game Night” Uniforms: $35/each or $450 for all 15 uniforms; 2 blue uniforms, 3 green, 5 purple, and 5 yellow (sizes upon request)

“Grand Prix” Pit Uniforms: $35/each or $450 for all 14 uniforms (sizes upon request)

“Now Boarding” Band Uniform Tops: $5,000 for all 90 uniforms; used in 6 performances; designed to look like a 1940s NYC Subway map; designed and purchased through Dance Sophisticates (sizes upon request)


Skyline Flags: $15/each (24 available)

NYC Map Flags: $15/each (28 available)